NeviTREK Handmade Snowshoe

NeviTREK Handmade Snowshoes

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About NeviTREK

NeviTREK started with a lunch conversation with a colleague who was selling snowshoe making equipment. Within a few months, the equipment and materials were purchased, delivered and set up in a workshop in upstate New York near the Adirondack Mountains.  A whole year passed before the first pair of snowshoes were manufactured.


Striving for excellence

Our snowshoes are manufactured of top quality materials  and high standards of production We guarantee our snowshoes against defects in parts or workmanship.

At our option, we will repair or replace any part of the snowshoe or binding for the original purchaser if they fail due to a manufacturing defect.

Repairs to snowshoes due to negligence, improper care, or accident will be performed for a reasonable charge.


Contact Info for more information: Phone: 518-831-1707



Rugged & time-tested design

Each pair of snowshoes is made by hand in the USA.